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Template Loading Time
Changing Template Colors
Changing Logo
Adding Pages
Placing Images in Content Area



What is the loading time of this template?

  • As is, the pages  load at around 12 seconds over 28.8 modem connection.  That translates to 6 seconds over a 56k modem, and, ummm...  well, milliseconds over cable or DSL connection. 

Can I easily change the colors on this template?

  • Absolutely, as long as you are familiar with CSS.  Our colors and fonts are all defined in the "style.css" file, which is in the Folder List along with your other  files..

How do I change the logo at the top of the pages?

  • Put your own logo in place, or you can just use your HTML editor to type in your name and information. 

Can I add more pages?

  • Certainly!  You can add as many as you wish!  Just use one of our blank page templates (see the "What's Included" page of this template).  Simply open the template named blank.htm (or blank2.htm).  As soon as it is open, go to File, Save AS... - then save it as the name you want your new page to have.   Modify your menus to link to the new page, and repeat every time you wish to add a new page!

Can I put my own images in the text area of the page?

  • Sure - you can do virtually anything with this template you can do with any web.  The only thing to make note of is this template is fixed in width, so your pictures *will* need to be sized so they don't expand the template, making a mess out of the header area!